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Are You Susceptible to Separation Anxiety?
by Mark Sichel, LCSW and Alicia L. Cervini

Separation anxiety can play a large role in triggering panic attacks. Take this brief quiz to see if you have a high likelihood of being susceptible to separation anxiety. By analyzing emotions you've felt in the past, as well as emotions you currently experience, you can start to get a sense of whether or not you behave in a manner characteristic of people who suffer from separation anxiety.

Read through the questions below. If your answer to a question is "yes," check the box next to the question. If your answer is "no," leave the box blank and go on to the next question. When you have answered all the questions, press "submit" to see your results.

Are You Susceptible to Separation Anxiety?
Do you remember having problems going to kindergarten?

Do you have difficulty getting out of the house when you are going on a trip?

Do you worry excessively about the eventual deaths of those whom you love?

Do you need help with tasks that you know you should be able to do on your own?

Do you have fears centered around transportation?

Did you or do you have difficulty driving?

Do you fear abandonment by those on whom you rely and love?

Do you need a great deal of advice or reassurance from others when you need to make a decision?

Do you feel an urgent need to get into a new close relationship when one ends for you?

Do you "bend over backwards" to help those from whom you feel you can get nurturance and support?

Do you have difficulty showing initiative?

Are you afraid to disagree with others, because you fear you'll lose their support and approval?

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