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Depression can mean you have a mild case of the "blues," or a serious emotional condition, or a feeling that falls somewhere in between.

The DEPRESSION section will explore and define the different degrees of depression and offer suggestions for alleviating the pain that depression can cause.

This month's featured DEPRESSION articles:

To Medicate or Not to Medicate
Learn about the pros and cons of taking anti-depressant medication from a clinical psychologist's perspective. | read more

Prozac Solution
Want another perspective on anti-depressant medication? Read one author's fears about what life might be like on anti-depressants. | read more

Taking an Anti-Depressant
Want to know more about what anti-depressants can be like? Read a first-hand account of one woman's positive experience with anti-depressant medication. | read more

Help For Depression
Serious depression is more than the blues. It is not a personal weakness. It is a treatable illness. Find out where and how to get help for depression right here. | read more

Helping a Depressed Friend or Family Member
What do you do when a friend or loved one is depressed? It's a scary time when you might feel helpless, afraid of doing the wrong thing, or in danger of becoming depressed yourself. Find out how best to deal with a loved one's depression. | read more

When Your Partner is Depressed...
Life is too short to live it out with someone who is depressed, in denial, and refuses to get help. Find out why it is so important for depressed loved ones to get the help they need. | read more

First Morning Sickness...Then Childbirth...Now Depression?!
Find out more about postpartum depression.

Gratitude - My Best Friend
Gratitude can improve your mood.

Gratitude List
Learn how to feel gratitude.