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The Junkyard
by Mark Sichel, LCSW and Alicia L. Cervini

The Psybersquare Junkyard is a place to dump all of the resentments that are holding you back.

Whatever injustices we may feel we have suffered at the hands of others, our experiences have all, in some way, made us stronger and wiser. Hold on to the positive, and let the rest go. Clinging to resentments only weighs you down with negativity and despair.

Stop renting the space in your head to the people who have hurt you; you will find that it is easier to make positive changes in your life and move forward with a lighter heart.

Click on the boxes below to junk the bitterness that you feel toward certain people in your life, both past and present.

My mother

My father

My sister

My brother

My husband

My wife

My mother in-law

My father in-law

My sister in-law

My brother in-law

My cousin

My step-mother

My step-father

My grandmother

My grandfather

My aunt

My uncle

My lover

My ex

My lover's ex

My friend

My old friend

My co-worker

My boss

My professor

My guidance counselor

My high-school teacher

My elementary school teacher

My camp counselor

My neighbor

My clergyman

My gym teacher

My foster parent

My mother's boyfriend

My father's girlfriend

My therapist

My doctor

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