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Men and women are not the same. Men have unique emotional and psychological concerns, just as women do.

The MEN section will help you unravel the complexities of your gender.

This month's featured MEN articles:

Real Men Don't Ask for Directions
Read about sexual stereotypes and the difficulties that ensue when we blindly accept these inherently flawed notions. | read more

Men's Mental Health Checkup
Well, historically, society was not much help in looking after the mental needs of men. Men were expected to be Gary Cooper types: stoic, unflappable, and always in control. Let's be realistic. We ALL have mental and emotional needs! Start tending to yours today. | read more

For better or for worse, things change as the years pass, and for both men and women there are significant milestones along the way. Learn about andropause, the male menopause, and how it can effect your life. | read more

Talking Your Way to Functionality
Many men have a standing anxiety about sex. Most of them don't talk about it, which is part of the problem. For some types of sexual dysfunction, talking about it is just what the doctor ordered. | read more

The "We" Pact
Sometimes it can feel like you and your mate speak different languages. Imagine if you spoke about your relationship in business terms, what would your mate think then! If romantic partnerships were described in "merger and acquisition" terms, they might sound like this... | read more

The Gym
Come to our cyber gym to build emotional strength and psychological muscle mass.

Time Management
Learn how to make time for the important things.