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We all endure struggle in our lives. But some experiences are so traumatic, that we deal with the repercussions in one form or another for the rest of our lives.

The RECOVERY section provides resources to help you heal and move forward in a positive and healthy manner.

This month's featured RECOVERY articles:

Hello, My Name is Judy...
Addiction is a multifaceted disease. Read the story of Judy Shepps Battle's ongoing struggle with addiction, and the salvation she found in a 12-step program. | read more

The Gift of Grace
Guy Kettelhack, author of twenty-five self help and recovery books and Psybersquare's resident addiction and recovery expert, comments on one woman's conflict with her son in recovery. | read more

Achieving Excellence in Recovery
Now that you're sober and free to explore, grow, and develop, the first step to achieving excellence in recovery is admitting that you are not powerless in your quest to be the best you can be. | read more

Integrity and Honesty
Honesty and integrity are essential to the process of making a commitment to someone or something. Find out why, paradoxically, addicts are uniquely suited to the road to recovery! | read more

Recovering From Addiction I - Beginning the Journey
The boss has fired you, your significant other is no longer significant, and you realize that all of this is somehow related to your abuse of addictive substances. You've become sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and you want help: Welcome to the world of recovery. | read more

Twisted Thinking
Growing up in an alcoholic family can set the stage for a lifetime of twisted thinking. Learn how to straighten yourself out here. | read more

Gratitude: My Best Friend
Gratitude can put your feet on the path to recovery.

Gratitude List
Fortify your ability to feel grateful.

Forewarned is Forearmed
Learn your hot spots. Stay in control.

Self-Esteem Workshop
Feel good about yourself and your recovery.