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Addictive substances and behaviors seem to lurk around every corner, waiting to grab hold of our loved ones.

PREVENTIVE PARENTING will help you raise your consciousness AND an addiction-free child.

Boundaries and Barriers
Boundaries are what enable us to live together civilly. Many conflicts with loved ones can be traced back to boundary issues. Find out the difference between boundaries and barriers and learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself. | read more

A Boundary is NOT a Rejection
To set the record straight once and for all: a boundary is not intended as a rejection, nor should it be interpreted as one. But why, then, are boundaries so misunderstood? Find out here. | read more

The Mud Puddle - Birth of a Dependency Disorder
One of the major theories of how children build independence says that parents who need their children to be dependent, crippled, and possibly addictive will "reward" them only for dependent clinging behaviors... | read more

The Alcohologenic Parent
Alcohologenic Parents are parents that inadvertently raise their children in an environment that fosters the development of an alcoholic-to-be. Find out how to steer clear of this phenomenon. | read more

Parents Who Love Too Much
Children who grow up with insufficient love can often become parents who love too much. Find out why too much is almost as bad as too little. | read more

King Baby is Born!
Read the story of a man who grew up with parents who loved too much: his descent into addiction, his inability to achieve intimacy, and his ultimate recovery. | read more

Are YOU an ACOA? Adult Children of Alcoholism Self Assessment
Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) tend to have trouble raising healthy, addiction-free children of their own. Take this quiz to find out if you exhibit the symptoms of an ACOA, in order to get the support and understanding that you need to raise a healthy family. | read more