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Women and men are not the same. Women have unique emotional and psychological concerns, just as men do.

The WOMEN section will help you unravel the complexities of your gender.

This month's featured WOMEN articles:

The Closet Wimp
Just how great a distance do women travel from job to home, not on the bus or in the car, but in their behavior? To the world they may seem like Iron Women; but in their intimate dealings with men, they are chronically weak. These women are closet wimps. | read more

First Morning Sickness, Then Childbirth, Now Depression?!
"It happens more than you would guess," Dr. Petra Kiley, a psychiatrist who practices in Manhattan recently told me. "Childbirth is supposed to be this wonderful, life-changing event. Instead, for many women, it is marked by the onset of depression..." | read more

Why not call the biological change which women go through in their forties and early fifties, "femipause" and think of the lifestage in a whole new way: feminine, contemplative and strategically positioned for change? | read more

Women Who Like Sex
The guilt women who like sex sometimes struggle with today is inherited from their mothers, their mothers' mothers, and their mothers before them. See why it's okay to let go of the guilt. | read more

The Invisible Woman
You don't have to be a femme fatale, a bitch, a mother, a wife, a virgin, a teacher, or a girl. Be all of them, be none of them, be some of them. Be what you are. Like what you like... you're not alone. | read more

The Gym
Come to our cyber gym to build emotional strength and psychological muscle mass.

The Graveyard
Are you plagued by negative attitudes? Bury them in our Graveyard.

Personal Bill of Rights
Draft a Personal Bill of Rights if you feel you lack a sense of entitlement.