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You're Your Own Best Medicine! Part II
by Mark Sichel, LCSW and Alicia L. Cervini

Check the box of each tool that could be helpful to you in an emergency. When you click 'submit', you'll receive a printout of YOUR CRISIS MEDICINES.

If you can think of things that have helped you in the past that are not on the list, feel free to add more crisis medicines after you print out the list.

Talking with a friend

Chatting with an on-line support group

Attending a Twelve-Step program meeting

Writing in a journal


Taking a hot bubble bath

Drinking water

Having a healthy snack

Taking a walk

Working out in the gym

Reviewing what I feel grateful for

Saying or writing affirmations

Remembering that this crisis will end

Calling a time out in the midst of a family or marital argument

Writing a letter that can be either sent or deleted and recycled

Doing breathing exercises


Expressing appreciation to my partner

Calling a friend who is a big fan of mine

Completing an exercise to improve my self-esteem

Watching a silly television show

Taking a nap

Reading a good book

Volunteering my time to a good cause




Working on my car

Buying myself flowers

Buying my partner flowers

Telling my partner what I want from him or her

Playing music

Asserting myself with someone creating problems for me

Dumping my negative feelings and emotions

Letting go of my resentments

Saying the Serenity Prayer

Cleaning the house

Posting a message or question on-line

Using homeopathic stress remedies

Remembering that I have options and do not have to make a choice now

Telling someone that I love them

Smelling flowers or leaves or a newly mown lawn

Watching a sunset

Having some herbal tea

Taking up a hobby that I have always wanted to pursue

Adopting a pet

Watching a good movie

Stop taking myself so seriously

Remembering that another person's words are just that: only words

Thinking positive

Making a list of my best inner qualities




Throwing the I Ching

Getting a massage

Going for a drive


Sitting in the park


Walking through the woods

Visiting a loved one


Building something useful

Breaking something that isn't useful

Taking something apart to see how it works and putting it back together

Doing the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle

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