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    "Nation in Shock Seeks Counseling, Consoling", by Marilyn Elias
    "Some therapists are doing intensive work even as they grapple with their own grief. Mark Sichel, a New York counselor, lost one of his best friends, 40-year-old bond trader Tom Glasser. Now he speaks daily with Glasser's widow, Meg, helping her to ease the grief of the couple's two sons, 2 and 3 years old..."

    "Attack Aftermath Ravages Fragile Emotions" by Marilyn Elias
    "'The whole nation is in mourning,' says New York therapist Mark Sichel. As the potential for terror appears to widen, 'we're in mourning for our lost feeling of security,' he says. 'The no-brainers in life, like opening mail or getting on planes, now can be upsetting.'"

    "E-Therapy Comes of Age", by Robert S. Boynton
    "Cherie, a 47-year-old nurse in Maine, had suffered from depression for years when her husband, Dan, found out that he had Dan got sicker, Cherie found herself spending more time at, an online mental health site run by Mark Sichel, a therapist in New York City. 'I couldn't leave the house because I was so worried Dan would die before I came back,' she explains. 'Online therapy was the only way. I don't think I would have survived it without it.'"

  • KC STAR:
    "An Attitude of Gratitude", by Jill Dutton
    "As such, gratitude can be used as a diagnostic tool. 'As a therapist, gratitude is also my best friend. It is a diagnostic tool. If a person can feel gratitude, they will definitely get better,' says Mark Sichel, a licensed clinical social worker in New York and founder of www. Some of the reasons Sichel suggests being grateful include...'

    "Hero-crats: From faceless to famous", by Carl M. Cannon
    "Mark Sichel, his best friend, believes that Glasser lingered in the tower in an effort to help others and to get everyone else to leave with him. It was only after Glasser's death that Sichel learned that his friend had set up a scholarship program for the sons and daughters of police officers in the New Jersey town where he lived. 'He was that kind of guy, a quiet hero.'"

    Fred Fishkin interviews founder of Psybersquare, Mark Sichel
    "Online Help for Millennial Anxiety" is the subject of Mark Sichel's interview on WCBS AM News' Technology Show, "Bootcamp." Please click here to listen to a RealAudio clip.

    USA Today Award USA Today names Psybersquare a "hot site"
    "In addition to advice and compassion, Psybersquare seeks to provide practical exercises for creative problem solving. A mental-health site... based on health and strength rather than psychopathology." -- USA Today

    Psybersquare is featured on New York Magazine Online
    "...simply [log] on to, where there is a bonanza of insight and useful ideas to keep the soul on track and the psyche above water. Psybersquare is exquisitely balanced, with its plethora of original articles and tangible services..." -- Jod Kaftan, New York Magazine Online

    MSG's Metro Channel features Psybersquare
    "Founded by a New York City social worker, is a meeting place for people who need support. There's chat communities, contact information, and lots of great content. Described as "a site for the worried well and the committed neurotic" - an apt description for most New Yorkers, I think." -- MSG Metro

    Psybersquare is selected as an eTour Hot Pick
    Psybersquare's fresh and innovative content is now featured regularly on this popular site.

    Psybersquare founder, Mark Sichel, named author of the month by Self-Help Magazine

    Healthlinks recognizes Psybersquare as a leader in the industry
    "Using self-help tools, peer support, motivational readings, expert opinion, and live hosted chat, Psybersquare is a community for building emotional strength and health."
    -- Healthlinks

    Psybersquare awarded "Excellence in Mental Health" by Psych Central.
    "Psybersquare helps with problems at home, work, with extended family, relationships, self-esteem and more..." -- Psych Central

    Psybersquare is featured on CBS Online
    "For the millions of people who need help coping with everyday problems...there is an alternative. Psychotherapist Mark Sichel is behind a motivational website called" -- Fred Fishkin, CBS News Online

    Mark Sichel is featured in, "Manhattan, The Deserted Isle"
    Mark ruminates about vacation anxiety for New York Today, the lifestyle section of The New York Times Online.

    Mark Sichel contributes to Redbook's May 2000 article "Taking Care of the Caregiver"
    "When someone gets sick or is hurt, the energy and focus of a family naturally turns toward that person and his or her needs. All too often, however, the needs of the healthy partner are completely overlooked. 'Caregivers need support, they need others to validate their feelings of anger, fear, and uncertainty,' says Mark Sichel, a New York City therapist and founder of a self-help Web site,"