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It can be difficult to ask for what we want and need. But it is necessary for our own well-being that we DO ask.

BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE articles can help you learn to become self-assertive -- not a pushover, not a bully.

Personal Bill of Rights
Many of us are brought up without a sense of rights or entitlement. Why not ratify your own personal Bill of Rights today? | read more

Assertiveness Training
Asserting yourself means askingfor what you want and need. Assertion is not aggression; it is not a process of demanding, taking, bullying, cajoling, whining, complaining or stepping on others. Learn more! | read more

March is Self-Assertion Month
March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. When it comes to self-assertion, though, you don't want to be a lion OR a lamb. How do you find the middle ground? | read more

The Five Styles of Avoidance of Self-Assertion
Are you a lion/lamb personality? Do you find yourself unable to assert yourself in a reasonable manner? See if you can recognize the style of avoidance that YOU may fall into! | read more

What Colors Are Your Flag?
Do you ever ask yourself, "Who am I? What do I stand for? What do I value?" It's hard to stand up for yourself if you're not sure what you stand for! Do this exercise and discover yourself! | read more

Flag-Making Tools
So you've decided to make your own personal flag. Congratulations! What a wonderful and self-affirming journey you are about to embark upon! Look here for all the tools you'll need. | read more

Independence Day the Psybersquare Way
Achieving greater independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships with family and loved ones. Declare your own independence today. | read more