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Panic attacks can make your waking hours seem like a nightmare.

Psybersquare's OVERCOMING YOUR PANIC section is a 14-part series on understanding and overcoming panic attacks. Start with "What to Expect When You're Diagnosed..." and work your way through the entire series, or sample the selected articles below.

What to Expect When You are Diagnosed with a Panic Disorder
This is the first lesson in a 14-part educational series presented by Psybersquare to help you deal with panic disorder. If you want a thorough and helpful plan of action for overcoming panic, START HERE. | read more

Panic: You are Not to Blame
In our culture people often feel that anxiety is self-inflicted, reflective of a weak personality, and that proper self-discipline can eliminate psychological symptoms. This is NOT TRUE. Find out here why you are NOT to blame. | read more

How Do I Know if I'm Having a Panic Attack?
Take this interactive quiz, based on information from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, to find out if you're suffering from panic attacks. | read more

Are You Susceptible to Separation Anxiety?
Separation anxiety can play a large role in triggering panic attacks. Take this brief quiz to see if you have a high likelihood of being susceptible to separation anxiety. | read more

Panic: This is Not a Catastrophe
A catastrophe is a situation that won't get better or that will drastically alter your and your loved ones' lives in a profoundly and perhaps chronically negative way: a panic attack is NOT a catastrophe. Find out more about why you're going to be okay. | read more

Relaxation Techniques: Visualization
Use this interactive exercise as a way of achieving serenity even during the most trying of times. | read more