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So much of our own identites -- both the good and the not-so-good aspects -- are a direct result of our upbringing.

The FAMILY section will help you discover how deeply your family has influenced you, and how deeply you influence your family.

This month's featured FAMILY articles:

You Voted for Whom?!
In some families, the shock jock is sporting a purple mohawk and assorted piercings, but in our family the provocateur is wearing Brooks Brothers and carrying the Wall Street Journal. What to do when you and your kids don't see eye-to-eye. | read more

Caring for the Caregiver
It is about time that we recognize that the caregiver needs and deserves care, too: care from himself, care from his loved ones and even care from his sick partner. | read more

Coping with a Family Rift
Why are so many family members not speaking to each other these days? What causes a family rift? How do you cope? How do you heal? Start finding answers today. | read more

"I'm Done" - When Families Stop Speaking
Whatever the specifics may be -- siblings who become estranged, adults who electively orphan themselves, ageing parents who refuse to speak with their own children -- when families stop speaking, everyone loses. | read more

Don't Burst My Bubble
"Hasn't that already been done?" "Isn't that a little risky?" "Is he or she trustworthy?" "Isn't that dress a little short?" These seem to be innocent little comments. But they are actually dangerous and undercutting jabs. Learn how to tune them out. | read more

The Family Myth
What is the Family Myth and why does it have so much power over our individual growth and our family relations? What happens when the Family Myth, nurtured and prized for so long, meets its match at the hands of inevitable change? | read more

People Pleasers
People pleasers go to great lengths to get love and approval from others, but no matter how much they get, they never feel loved or good about themselves. Find out how people pleasers play an unwitting role in perpetuating family dysfunction. | read more

The Alcohologenic Parent
Parents who inadvertently raise their children to become addicts.

Parents Who Love Too Much
A child who grows up with insufficient love can become a parent who loves too much.

Are You an ACOA?
If you are an Adult Child Of an Alcoholic, start healing today.

Personal Bill of Rights
Don't let your family walk all over you; ratify your Personal Bill of Rights today.

Assertiveness Training
Learn to overcome your fears of self-assertion in this exercise.

Helping a Depressed Friend or Family Member
You CAN help a depressed loved one. Find out how.

The Junkyard
Stop renting space in your head to the people who make you feel bad.