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Ageing is a difficult subject for all of us. Here, we have chosen a selection of books* that address concerns about ageing ranging from how to successfully master getting old to how to care for your ageing parents:

Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent: A Guide for Stressed-Out Children
by Grace Lebow, Barbara Kane, Irwin Lebow

List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $9.60
You Save: $2.40 (20%)

"For the first time, here's a common-sense guide from professionals on how to smooth communications with a challenging parent. Filled with practical tips for handling contentious behaviors and sample dialogues for some of the most troubling situations, this book addresses many hard issues." -- Book Description

How to Care for Your Parents: A Practical Guide to Eldercare
by Nora Jean Levin

List Price: $12.00
Our Price: $9.60
You Save: $2.40 (20%)

"A time-saving guide to help families successfully map and navigate the unfamiliar terrain of eldercare, this unique handbook provides simple decisions-making tools so grown children can help their parents take charge of their long-term health, welfare, and housing needs." -- Synopsis

Understanding Men's Passages: Discovering the New Map of Men's Lives
by Gail Sheehy

Our Price: $24.00

"The author of the bestselling 'New Passages' and 'The Silent Passage' now turns her perceptive eye on men today--their problems, their passions, their hunger for renewal--in a book that every man should read...and every woman will." -- Synopsis

I'm Too Young to Get Old: Health Care for Women After Forty
by Judith Reichman

List Price: $16.00
Our Price: $12.80
You Save: $3.20 (20%)

"From changing contraceptive needs to menopause's questions, Dr. Reichman here answers the major concerns post-forty age women have about their changing health needs. The latest in details and information are packed into a fine volume which is filled with contemporary concerns and answers based on the latest research." -- Midwest Book Review

Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders
by Mary Pipher

List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $19.96
You Save: $4.99 (20%)

"Pipher explores how today's mobile, individualistic, media-drenched culture prevents so many dependent old people, and the relatives trying to do right by them, from getting what they need...her insights will help people of several generations." -- The Washington Post

Force of Character: And the Lasting Life
by James Hillman

List Price: $24.00
Our Price: $19.20
You Save: $4.80 (20%)

"The coming 'age wave' has a new champion in Hillman, who investigates the brighter side of growing old." -- Kirkus Review

1,003 Great Things About Getting Older
by Lisa Birnbach (Editor), Ann Hodgman, Patricia Marx, David Owen, David Cwen

List Price: $8.95
Our Price: $8.05
You Save: $0.90 (10%)

"The 'chances grow smaller every year that you will die in childbirth' is only one of many amusing reasons why people should look on the bright side of getting older in this amusing book about aging and the later years in one's life." -- Synopsis

Real Age: Are You As Young As You Can Be?
by Michael F. Roizen MD., Elizabeth Anne Stephenson (Contributor), Michael F. Roizen

List Price: $25.00
Our Price: $20.76
You Save: $5.19 (20%)

"A preventive gerontologist helps readers determine their biological age with a revolutionary, comprehensive analysis, and provides a new program for reducing aging by an equivalent of more than 20 years." -- Synopsis

The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding Our Families
by Mary Bray Pipher

List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $10.36
You Save: $2.59 (20%)

"Families, the bedrock of our society and culture, are today under assault from every side. Parents, struggling under their own pressures and unmet needs, don't know how to protect their children from crime, poverty, abuse, and media violence. In [this book], the author of 'Reviving Ophelia' wisely and compassionately challenges readers to find the courage to nurture and revivify the families they cherish." -- Synopsis

Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises
by Lawrence Katz, Manning Rubin, David Suter (Illustrator)

List Price: $8.95
Our Price: $8.05
You Save: $0.90 (10%)

"[This book] presents the first brain exercise program scientifically based on the adult brain's ability to produce its own natural brain food. Developed by a leading neurological research scientist, the program offers 83 simple 'neurobic' exercises designed to fight off the effects of mental aging by helping to prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness." -- Synopsis

Menopause and the Mind: The Complete Guide to Coping with Memory Loss, Foggy Thinking, Verbal Confusion, and Other Cognitive Effects of Perimenopause and Menopause
by Claire L., Ph.D. Warga

List Price: $24.00
Our Price: $19.20
You Save: $4.80 (20%)

"A neuro-psychologist addresses the cognitive deficits that often accompany the onset of menopause, offering a women's survival guide to dealing with frightening lapses in memory, verbal fluency, and concentration." -- Synopsis

Aging Parents: Continuity and Change in Adult Life
by William D. Bland

Our Price: $10.95

"'Aging Parents: Continuity and Change in Adult Life' examines the very nature of the caring relationship between the adult child and his or her elderly parent. Its purpose is to dispel the myths about aging, give practical advice on caring for elderly parents, and provide a psychosocial view of the tasks and challenges faced in middle and later life." -- Editorial Review

As Parents Age: A Psychological and Practical Guide
by Joseph A. Ilardo

List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $15.96
You Save: $3.99 (20%)

"Book is aimed at creating an understanding of the psychological impact to aging parent and family unit. Provides insight into how the family must act together and what pitfalls to avoid. Works on preserving the dignity of the parent, and finding ways to help the parent and still allow family members to maintain lives of their own.' -- User Review

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